Saturday, December 25, 2010

What does Y'shua/Jesus have to do with Christmas?

Today is December 25, 2010. It is also known as Christmas to many people around the world. This holiday contains the word Christ in it. But what does Christ have to do with Christmas? Was Y'shua born on the 25th of December? Did He command Christians to celebrate the 25th of December as His Birthday? Please view this video for some important answers to these questions.



  1. Hi Sarah, Its me Michelle from facebook. Great post! I think most people do not know this.

  2. Hi, Michelle, and thanks for stopping by. Yes, you are so right. I just found this out in 2003. I had been keeping this holiday ever since I was a child.
    The enemy doesn't want us to honor our Creator. He wants to lead us into idolatry. And he will do it any way he can; blatantly or deceitfully; it doesn't matter.
    Many of us who are believers in Messiah have been deceitfully following pagan traditions for years. But this is the day that YHVH is removing the blindness from His people. The people of the L-rd will not be deceived. I just pray that they will seek the truth that is found in the Word. If not, then G-d cannot do this thing which He desires to do.
    Remember Y'shua always told those who came to Him to be healed, they would be, if THEY be willing.

    Thanks again, Michelle, for your comments. YHVH bless you, and have a blessed a prosperous day.


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