Friday, December 24, 2010

It Can Only Get Better-The Test and Trials of Life

Boy, what a week I had. I felt like Job from the Bible; bad report after bad report. But I feel so blessed to have to someone strong, gentle, righteous and loving on my side: G-d. My faith was certainly being tested this week, but I could always feel G-d drawing me even closer to Him. I was starting to wonder where He was. But He was right there all the time; encouraging me and reminding me Who was in control.

You know. It seems that's when we feel closer to G-d; in the storm. At least I do. We can become complacent in our every day lives. The run-of-the mill routines of work, no rest, bills, more tests. I am just so glad to have a friend in Y'shua. I really could not have made it through this week.

I wanted to share my story, because I believe that I can't separate my physical life from my spiritual. It's all or nothing to me. This is how I make it through those rough days; G-d's Strong Arm and Gentle Touch.  And that is why I want to say, Thank YOU with a song, L-rd.

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