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Errors of Christianity and Judaism- How G-d's People Errantly Changed His Biblical Feast Days To Pagan Holidays

Hello to you all. I previously posted this topic back in 2011, and have now revised it.

This week, we are celebrating "Passover Week". It represents the Life, Death and Resurrection of our Messiah/ YHVH's Son, Y'shua. Pesach, or Passover, began at Sundown on Mon, April 14th, 2014.

In the Year of our L-rd, Y'shua's Crucifixion, 31 A.D, He was actually crucified on a Wednesday, was buried at Sundown, that day, and rose after the Weekly Sabbath was over. This means that the L-rd would have risen three days later. So, He would have risen on that Saturday, at Sundown; not Sunday at Sunrise.

Watch the second video below, "Three Days and Three Nights", from, for more astounding evidence.

So, this year, Resurrection Day fell on Thurs, April 17th; not on Easter Sunday, at all.

 (Today, in our time, Passover and Resurrection Day fall on different days each year, because the calendar G-d entrusted to the Jews is different from the Gregorian Calendar that we use in the United States, and other parts of the world).

G-d entrusted His Calendar to the Jews, but, it is His Calendar, and not just for the Jews. He chose the Jewish people to be lights to the nations, so that all the peoples of the Earth would praise and worship the Almighty G-d and Creator of the Universe.

Romans 3:23 tells us that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of G-d. G-d's glory is found in His Word. And the Word is G-d. Throughout the years, the Word of G-d has been misinterpreted, misrepresented and misused so many times that I can't even count.

Please see the chart below for more information on how both Jews and Christians have changed G-d's Word, over time.

Major Errors of Historical Christianity and Judaism
This chart points out historical institutional errors, which have been followed unknowingly by many.
  1. Accepted the church councils as Divine Authority
  2. a. Changed Seventh Day Sabbath to Sunday;
    b. Changed Passover to Good Friday;
    c. Changed First Fruits of Barley (Resurrection Day) to that of the goddess Easter (Ishtar, Astarte, Asherot)
    d. Changed birth of Messiah from Feast of
    Tabernacles to the pagan solstice (Christmas)   
  3. Claimed Torah (God's Law) was not valid anymore as a standard for Christians
  4. Depicted Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) as effeminate, non-Jewish, and breaker of Torah
  5. Turned the glory of Messiah over to Popes; Mary as the "Queen of Heaven"
  6. Gave more importance to Paul's words than Yeshua's words
  7. Messianic Jews forced into Gentile assimilation
  8. Replaced Israel with non-biblical concept of church
  9. Anti-Semitism: Called Jews "Christ-killers" and relegated them to a rejected people
  1. Accepted the sages/oral tradition as Divine Authority
  2. a. Changed New Year from Nisan 1 to Tishri 1;
    b. Changed Passover from Nisan 14 to Nisan 15;
    c. Canceled celebration of the First Fruits of Barley;
    d. Added a day to Yom Teruah (Rosh Hashana) and to Shavuot (Pentecost)
  3. Claimed Talmud was equal with Torah in importance and authority
  4. Depicted Messiah Yeshua as false, non-Jewish and breaker of Torah
  5. Turned the glory of Messiah over to common men like Bar Kochba and Sabbatai; made the Sabbath the "Queen"
  6. Gave more importance to Maimondes words than Moses' words
  7. Messianic Jews forced to leave the Jewish community
  8. Replaced the blood atonement with non-biblical reliance on prayers
  9. Anti-Messianism: Called Messianic Jews "self-haters" and relegated them to non-existence
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Many Christians are preparing to celebrate the pagan Holiday called "Easter". We have been told that pagans infiltrated the L-rd's Resurrection Day, when it was really the "Early Church Fathers", who brought in the Apostasy, after the Apostles had left the scene. I've included some YouTube videos for your viewing.

Here's a very good video that explains The Biblical Calendar/G-d's Calendar,
some of the changes that were made to it, what calendars most of the world is
using today, and how we can get in-sync with G-d's Calendar, in our daily lives.

Also, here's a copy of a Messianic Jewish Calendar. It's converts Gregorian Calendar days to the Biblical Calendar Days, and even tells you exactly when G-d's Feasts Days are to be kept.

Biblical Calendar via Beikvot HaMashiach (Followers of the Messiah)

And now, onto our Featured Videos:

Why does "Three Days and Three Nights" matter? 
Watch this video from Beyond Today.TV to find out

This next video asks the question, "How Christian is Easter?

Don't be fooled by the Easter Charade

Easter Exposed-What Does G-d Say?

More on the Biblical Calendar

I hope you have been touched by this post, and, as you ponder on what you've read and seen, YHVH Elohim will continue to lead you into the Truth.
It is also my hope that you too, (if you are not yet), will begin to celebrate Passover and G-d's Feast Days, as He desires. It will surely bless you.


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