Wednesday, April 9, 2014

School Stabbing Spree Wounds 20 in Pittsburgh & some facts on Gun Control-Are Guns Really The Problem?

Image:Parents and students embrace along School Road near Franklin Regional High School after more than a dozen students were stabbed by a knife wielding suspect at the school
Photo Credit-NBC News-Erin McClam

Another tragedy has hit a United States school; another horrible act of violence. This time it was a school stabbing, and not a school shooting.

Here's an excerpt from NBC News:
A student flashing two knives went on a stabbing rampage through the classrooms and halls of a high school outside Pittsburgh on Wednesday morning, authorities said. At least 19 students and a security guard were hurt, some with life-threatening injuries.
The suspect, a 16-year-old sophomore, was in custody and being questioned by police, authorities said. His motive was unclear, said Dan Stevens, a Westmoreland County emergency management spokesman.

 After reading this story, I could only imagine what it was like for all the victims involved.
We, who were not there, could only think that this was a scene straight out of a horror movie; something surreal.

But for those who were there, this was very real. 19 students and a security guard were badly hurt; some with life-threatening injuries. (Please keep them all in your prayers)

In times like these, we search for the answers to the question, "Why"? I just want to touch bases on the topic of this blog post. First, I want to say, that it breaks my heart that we live in a world where our children can't feel safe; where violence has taken over our lives in such an astonishing way.

Next, I have to say: Guns are not the problem

It is the spiritual state of man, his human heart, and the free will that a human has, that causes one to either become violent, or not. Little by little, our society is replacing the Law of God with humanism.

Our government wants to stop the violence by banning guns, while blocking the spiritual need to allow humans to connect with their Creator. They make secular laws that take God out of schools, separate Church and State, and add their New Age Humanistic Ideaology. Then, they try to find a solution to a spiritual problem, with these methods; Gun control is just one.

I must state that, while guns do hurt, wound and even kill others at a faster rate, banning them certainly will not stop the violence.
A violent person could obviously use any kind of weapon, to hurt someone.

I personally believe that we need our Creator to save us from all of this evil and violence. But, God will not force His salvation upon us.  We, who are believers need to:

  • Pray- pray to God for His Mercy during these evil times; for strength to endure them, and for the message that He has for us to share with those who are lost in them. Pray for our leaders, our nation, our schools, our children, parents, teachers, all across the land.
  • Be guided by the Holy Spirit of God- pray in the Spirit; pray with God's guidance, and then, be humble to do what He leads us to do.
  • Educate-Continue to seek knowledge and wisdom about what really is the problem with our society; get involved with others who are doing the same, and spread this knowledge to others.

In closing, I pray that the Day will come quickly, when our Lord and Savior, Yahshua Ha Moshiach/Jesus Christ will return and save us from all that is wrong in this world. May He richly bless you, and keep you all, until the Day of His Return.

YHVH bless you in your education endeavors. Thanks always for visiting. Your comments or questions are welcome. You may post them below.


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