Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christians: Do You REALLY Know What You Are Saying When You Say, 'Merry Christmas'

Hello to my brothers and Sisters in Messiah/Christ,
I know that "Christmas" is over, but I felt compelled to share this post with you. I have recently done a post, and YouTube presentation on, Christmas; the True Meaning of, and December 25th is not our Lord Jesus' Birthday.

We have learned that Satan, our adversary, has deceived/duped us into idolatry, but, now it is even worse. Satan is the epitome of evil, and he hates everything good; everything God. Therefore, the next sentence should not be hard for you to believe.

Satan has caused Christians to mock the death of  Christ, while making them believe that they are honoring Him on His Birthday.

That's right!

The following videos will explain how!

Millions of Christians have followed suit, and religiously repeated the term, "Merry Christmas" to one another, and anyone they meet. It is a sneaky tactic of the devil. After all, the word "Christ" is present, but, have you stopped to consider that the word Christ-mas does not mean the "Birth of Christ", rather the "Death of Christ"?
How interesting, since Satan has you believing that you are celebrating the Nativity of Christ. How can one say, Merry Christmas, and Happy Nativity, to mean the same thing? Getting the picture?

This is a very important topic,by the way; since the Lord Himself said, that we would give an account to every word we have spoken on Judgment Day -Matthew 12:36-37

Please view this video, to get more understanding.

This Next Video depicts more about the Roman Catholic Mass, and the Term (Christmas)

This next video asks the question, Is it acceptable to blend, (mix) Paganism with Christianity? Is it acceptable to God, that is?

I ask; since God is Worthy of all Honor, Praise and Glory, shouldn't He have the right to tell us how He wants to be worshiped?

Thank you sincerely for watching and reading. May YHVH richly bless you, as you seek to honor Him. As you are led to, you may want to research more on this topic, and how paganism has crept into the Body of Christ. Please feel free to add your comments about this discussion. Again, YHVH God bless you! In our Blessed and Precious Lord and Savior Yahshua Ha Moshiach/Jesus Christ

YHVH bless you in your education endeavors. Thanks always for visiting. Your comments or questions are welcome. You may post them below.


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