Friday, January 7, 2011

Are You Considering Distance Learning? Find out which schools offer it and which schools are accredited

Information derived from DETC (The Distance Education and Training Council)-All Rights Reserved.

Distance education, also called online education for Internet-based learning, is designed for learners who live at a distance from educational providers and/or institutions. It is the enrollment and study with an educational institution that provides organized, formal learning opportunities for students. Presented in a sequential and logical order, the

instruction is offered wholly or primarily by distance study, through virtually any media. Historically, its predominant medium of instruction has been printed materials, however, it may incorporate or make use of videotapes, CD or DVD ROM’s, audio recordings, facsimiles, telephone communications, e-mail, and Web-based delivery systems through the Internet. The student completes each lesson or segment and submits it for correction,

grading, comment, and guidance by a qualified instructor.


Accreditation in the United States is a means to assure and improve higher education quality, assisting institutions and programs using a set of standards developed by peers. An institution or program that has successfully completed an accreditation review has in place the needed instructional, student support and other services to assist students to achieve their educational goals. Accreditation has helped to provide the conditions necessary for the United States to develop diverse, flexible, robust and often admired higher education.

Accreditation is a both a process and a status. It is the process of reviewing schools, colleges, universities, institutions and programs to judge their educational quality – how well they serve students and society. The result of the process, if successful, is the award of “accredited status.”

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For a list of DETC accredited schools, click here.

DETC is just one of the distance learning accredidation councils. To find even more information on Distance Learning and Training, perform a google search.

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