Saturday, June 4, 2011

Year-Round Homeschooling

One thing I love about homeschooling is the flexibility it offers. Whenever you place your child in an institution; public or private, you are bound by their schedule. We need flexibility because we celebrate Biblical Feast Days, where as the public schools, and even most private schools celebrate secular holidays. We also have appointments and other obligations. I can make the school calendar around the Biblical Holidays and other obligations.

We also find that it is more beneficial to homeschool year round with breaks during each season. The children seem to maintain the need for structure and routine more. Here's an example class schedule. Our school year begins in the Spring, in the month of March or April, which would be Abib or the month of Nisan, on the Biblical Calendar. [(Exodus 12:1-2, Exodus 34:18, Deuteronomy 16:1), and Strong's H24]. We have one week of Spring Break, then resume classes. We celebrate celebrate Passover, then resume classes. We then have our two-week summer break, then resume classes. We have our two-week Fall Break, then resume classes. We have a week off for Channukah, and one additional week off for winter break, then resume for classes. That's our whole school year until the next Spring.

That's it. The flexibility is G-d sent. Each family is totally different. We all have different needs, different schedules and different goals and tasks to set and complete. Having flexibility is important. You can't always have that in a public or private setting. Our children still have a routine. We just have the flexilibity to complete it on our time.

Resources:   Try out for some free homeschool worksheets and planners.


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