Saturday, January 12, 2013

Appalling Video: Mother Encourages Her Daughter to Fight Another Student

In the following video, ABC News reports, a mother stands and watches her teenage daughter fight another student from her high school. And not only did this mother watch. She also screamed out to her daughter, encouraging her to punch the other girl, to throw her on the ground, and get her good.

As a parent of 2 teens, I find this disturbing. These children are in high school. Basically, they are young adults. They should be learning how to finalize their training, in order to make their grand entrance/debut, in front of the adult world, and to be mentors and role models for children who are younger than they are. Instead, this is what these girls' parents are teaching their children today. I say these, because this mother is not alone. There are so many parents out there who display this type of behavior.

I just find it very disturbing. The mother has been brought up on child abuse and endangerment charges, and the school is also investigating. Now, the students and the parent are facing some big trouble. Allegedly, the two girls were fighting over some boy. (It really doesn't matter what the fight is about, though; violence is not the solution to any problem).

As you watch these videos, parents, please use this as a lesson. There are consequences for our actions, no matter how young or old, we may be. It seems that many of us haven't learned yet. And our children are the future. We are responsible for what we are teaching them.

For those who are teaching their children the "right way", I applaud you. It is hard for children and parents, as peer pressures arise for the children, and stresses and problems at work and home arise for the parents. But parents, dealing with it this way, only leads to more trouble, down the road; for both you, and your children.

Here's more about this story from Wavy News 10

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