Thursday, March 8, 2012

Keep praying for your children's salvation...G-d always answers prayers that's His will

I remember growing up in the Church. My mother took me religiously. And she prayed for me daily & taught me the Word of
G-d each & every day, at home. My mother was planting the seeds necessary for G-d Himself, to grow.
Now I have my own children, and I'm in my mother's shoes. I know that salvation is promised to anyone; anyone who believes that G-d loved them so much, that He gave His Son the punishment they deserved; and forgave them for the wrong committed against Him (John 3:16)
I didn't always do the right thing growing up, but my mother never gave up on me. She kept praying for me and loving me. I guess it must have driven her crazy having to wait so long to see the results; but her prayers were answered. I have accepted Y'shua/Jesus into my heart & life. And now I am saved, by His Grace.
I am still praying the same prayers my mother prayed for me, for my children. And I'm seeing the work of the L-rd, as He moves to answer them. It will always take a willingfulness of heart from your children, but it is always the will of G-d for your children to be saved.
Keep praying for your children's salvation...G-d always answers prayer that's His will.

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