Sunday, January 22, 2012

Government leader advocates for homeschool students to be taken from parents

Is homeschooling legal? Do parents have a right to home-school their children? In most parts of the world, the answer is yes. But in this following article, you will see that homeschooling parents are facing tremendous challenge and opposition. This is an article about a home-school family who is being challenged by a Swedish liberal party member, who believes that compulsory attendance at a public school is the best thing for all children. She even believes that the government should go so far as to removing the children from the parents' custody.

We even have some issues, similar to this, here in parts of the United States. Please read this article and share your views. Also, share your stories here as well. Have you and your family ever been challenged by the government for homeschooling your children? Also, share your success stories. Share what homeschooling does for you and your family. What are the benefits? If you leave a link to your homeschooling page, I will be more than happy to review them and add them to my popular/favorite links.

The article is as follows:
Government leader advocates for homeschool students to be taken from parents

YHVH bless you in your education endeavors. Thanks always for visiting. Your comments or questions are welcome. You may post them below.

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