Friday, July 23, 2010

Education Techniques for Children with Autism

Today's statistics of children with autism range from 1 out every 150 children. My son just happens to be that 1. He is growing and soon will become a grown man. I have wondered over the years what I could have and should have done better as the mother of an autistic child. I still wonder what I can do now. It just seems that as my son grows older, so we all are faced with new challenges on the autism spectrum.

I can only imagine what he feels like and what there is anyone can do. I had to face new challenges this month, with his constant crying spells and other behaviors. He goes this week to see his neurologist, for more test, more advice and  more decisions on my husband and my part.

I have looked into some YouTube videos and found some really great ones that I have favorited. I wanted to share them here, in hopes that they will help someone who may be experiencing the same things in their lives, or knows someone who is.

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